About queer*bygd

queer*bygd // network for queer organizing in rural areas and smaller cities //

queer*bygd is a network of people and groups who
performs, acts, creates and lives queer in rural areas.
or want to share, explore, develop, talk about the rural queerness further.

The idea behind the network is to create rooms for activities and be a forum for discussion of what a queer life in rural, sparsely populated areas, the backwoods or in a small town can be and mean.

On our fbookside we share activities we initiates, things we wonder, contacts we seek and plans we want to spin on.

We also have a shared drive-folder with a lot of information / inspiration / ideas – mainly on swedish though.

// welcome, and thanks // together we break the norms: the whole country should queer //

we have a mailadress: queerbygd@gmail.com, if you have questions about anything / want to contribute your story to website / want to discuss something with admin, etc.